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boycotups's Journal

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Blah! Just another caffeine addicted, cigar smoking, "should-have-already-graduated-college-aged," booze loving, CSI watching, Ric Flair wanna be, computer geek.
2600, apache, audioslave, bad 80's rock, bar tending, beavis, beer, being sarcastic, ben folds five, bloodhound gang, books, booze, bowling, boy scouts, butthead, bw3s, caffeine, calvin & hobbes, camping, cannibal! the musical, captain morgan, cats, chinese food, choco tacos, cisco, cky, clone high, coca-cola, coffee, comedy, cooking, cows, csi, drawn together, dust puppy, dvda, fedora, films, flirting, free lunch, geek, geeks, gir, guiness, hardware hacking, home improvement, homestar runner, homestarrunner, honda accord, hookerboots, humor, invader zim, jamie oliver, jewel, jimmy buffett, jokes, killians, la parka, linux, magic, magic the gathering, marshall, marvelous 3, marzipan, mgd, miller lite, mods, monty python, movies, movlug, mozilla, mp3car, mp3s, my wife, naps, nine inch nails, nirvana, nwa, oasis, our lady peace, paint shop, parkersburg, penguins, perl, photo shop, php, pillar, pink floyd, pirate jokes, pitr, pittsburgh, poopsmith, procrastinating, ramen noodles, rats, raychel, red hat, ren, reservoir dogs, road trips, rpgs, running, samba, sarcasm, science fiction, seether, sheryl crow, sim city, slackware, slashdot, smashing pumpkins, smile empty soul, south park, spicy food, staind, stimpy, strong bad, strong mad, strong sad, super size me, suse, sushi, taoism, tattoos, technology, the cheat, the daily show, the king of town, the matrix, the shocker, the sims, the smashing pumpkins, theatre, thinkgeek, throwing goats, thunderstorms, toeby, tori amos, undergrads, user friendly, vi, wardriving, web design, weezer, wifi, wine, wit, wrestling, wv, zim