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19 November 2007 @ 09:25 am
A Worthy Cause  
In a journey that took 6 days, my grandfather sailed on a boat half way across the world. He landed in New York, and went through Ellis Island, and became an American Citizen.

It's estimated that nearly 40% of everyone living in America today can trace their ancestors back to Ellis Island. I just don't have to look very far to do it. I've always had a fascination with my Grandfather, I think mostly because he passed away when my father was so young, and never got a chance to meet him.

I found out recently that the vast majority Ellis Island has been shut down, boarded up, and abandoned. There's a campaign currently running to attempt to raise money to help restore and bring back to use all of the buildings on the island.

The thought that I might not get the chance to go and visit the island, or take my children to see the island is very disturbing to me. I hope that my little contribution is enough, and I hope that by spreading the word around, maybe a few other little contributions will make a difference, and help preserve this amazing piece of history.

Check out http://weareellisisland.org